Remote Wet Ink Notarization

Cost of Digital RON + $30

Wet Ink Remote Notarization is the process where the signers will sign the tangible document in wet ink, then mail the document to the Notary. 

Once the notary receives the documents, the Notary will begin a Remote Online Notarization session with the signers to verify their identities digitally. 

Once the Digital RON process is completed by the signers, the notary will place their traditional wet ink stamp and signature to the document.

A Remote Wet Ink Notarization from Montana is indistinguishable from a traditional wet ink notarization.

*Only Acknowledgements are eligible for Wet Ink Remote Notarization services. Jurats, signature witnesses or any other notarial act is not eligible for Wet Ink Remote Notarization.
  1. The document is completely filled in, signed and dated (if asked by the document) by the signers, and the document is delivered to the Notary. 

  2. Once the Notary receives the documents, the Notary conducts a Remote Online Notarization to establish personnal appearance, the signer will acknowledge to the Notary that they signed the tangible documents that were delivered to the notary, and to begin the digital identification process.

  3. Finally, with signers identity verified digitally and the signer acknowledging their signature, the Notary signs and notarizes the tangible document with traditional wet ink.
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