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Offering Professional Remote Online Notarization and Remote Wet Ink Notarization Since 2020
Offering Professional Remote Online Notarization and Remote Wet Ink Notarization Since 2020

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How is a Remote Online Notarization (RON) different from a Traditional Notarization?

A traditional notarization requires the signer make a personnal appearance with the notary in person. They then sign the documents, present their identification and documents to the notary, and sign the notary journal for the record. The notary would then inspect the signers ID, complete the notarial certificate that's attached to the document, administer the notarial acts (if any), then sign and stamp/notarize the documents in wet ink.

A remote online notarization is a fully digital process. The signers make a personnal appearance with the notary on live webcam instead of in person.
The signers identities are verified by web browser applications. The notary administers this software, and the software prompts the signer to upload their ID and submit their SSN to undergo a "Knowledge Based Authentication" quiz based on their past living and work history for identity verification. Once the software verifies the signers identity, the users proceeds to sign the PDF digitally and gives control to the notary. The notary will then complete the notarial act and digitally sign and notarize the PDF.

The final document of a remote online notarization is the signed and notarized PDF, encrypted with the notary's Digital x509 Public Key Certificate to prevent tampering of the file and providing authenticity of the notarial event on a digital level.

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Any document notarized by a Montana Notary can be recorded at a Montana Recorders Office to have the document recognized by the State of Montana.

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